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たにやま ゆうじろう

  • 元職・立候補予定者・公認候補など(議員・首長ではない)
  • 選挙区:東京都
  • 政党:無所属
  • 性別:男性
  • 生年月日:1973年1月3日



【政見放送】2016東京都知事選挙 谷山ゆうじろう

【政見放送】2016東京都知事選挙 谷山ゆうじろう 民放

谷山ゆうじろう 政策・公約スピーチ 【都知事選2016】

2022-12-02 00:16:07
Oh my Don Qioxte, what are some ignoramus puppies panting about? VAR is incorruptible. Rules stipulate; “If the bal…
2022-12-01 21:24:20
The Eight Samurai have done it! 🇯🇵2-1🇪🇸 Giant Killing Season 2. Domo Arigato for your Sushimongering support. #FIFAWorldCup
2022-12-01 09:52:11
Japan vs. Barcelona. 2-1. Samurai Blue will lick ESP tonight. Drooling. @FCBarcelona
2022-12-01 05:42:35
Germany a week ago, Spain tomorrow! Presumptuous as I may sound, Japan is ready for “Giant Killing Season 2”. Domo…
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Congratulations Team Fish & Chips @England for advancing to the glorious 16. The despondent world also needs your r…
2022-11-29 10:16:02
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2022-11-28 04:30:24
14歳の諸君、デタラメな肥えた大人らが人工的にこしらえた「英語Speaking Test」なる茶番は無視してOK. 今日の読売新聞も世界に通用しない「ロスタイム」「メジャー」と、うそ英語だらけ。厚顔無恥。先ずは国内に氾濫するこれら…
2022-11-28 02:25:13
@jgsmuzzy How kind you are signor. The Bellend is heartened.
2022-11-27 00:05:54
Team Vegemite, well done. I did sing your glorious ‘Advance Australia fair’, hoping @Socceroos will advance to the…
2022-11-24 03:15:01
The ‘unthinkable’ has occurred. One thoughtful Animemonger has argued “Team Sushi 🍣 for #FIFAWorldCup2022 champions…