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たにやま ゆうじろう

  • 元職・立候補予定者・公認候補など(議員・首長ではない)
  • 選挙区:東京都
  • 政党:無所属
  • 性別:男性
  • 生年月日:1973年1月3日



【政見放送】2016東京都知事選挙 谷山ゆうじろう

【政見放送】2016東京都知事選挙 谷山ゆうじろう 民放

谷山ゆうじろう 政策・公約スピーチ 【都知事選2016】

2020-09-12 02:37:08
@NeoGetzLP Arigato for your lecture! Remarkable term!
2020-09-12 02:35:17
@Elleydoll Time obliterates all sorrows; the old men used to say. But is it true?
2020-09-12 02:33:15
I can still recall vividly the inexpressible astonishment that had electrified me that evening in Tokyo. TV screen…
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Rhapsodic!!!!! Sheep is so kind.
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@Vindaloobeast Your ‘laying a taper’ is incomprehensible! The Bellend is an ignoramus, so please do explain. Bow
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@nailwolf Bow Bow Bow!
2020-09-12 02:20:49
@Jaames08 Drop the kids ‘off at the pool’. Arigato for your kind correction! Bow
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The Bellend clearly has no idea what your ‘hoot’ means, nevertheless I am heartened to hear that you enjoyed my uns…
2020-09-11 09:18:27
About two decades ago today, many people perished in New York. Why did so many innocent people have to die?! What l…
2020-09-09 10:23:19
Terribly, awfully sorry for the misplaced testicles. Nippon Gin Phallus is super diminutive; especially compared to…